getting political. getting annoyed.

“I’m convinced that most people don’t vote for candidates they believe in, but against candidates they fear.”

That. That is such a fact. It is also a quote from a guy whose name I do not recall, nor do I care.

Just like politics. I do not care.

Okay, actually I do care about the good of America.

However. I do not enjoy the campaigns. I don’t like the candidate options. I don’t like the system.

I get it. I have a right to vote. We all have voting rights in America. We also have rights to bear arms, protest, speak, have a religion of choice, love who we wish (e.g. people of the same sex).

But not everyone carries a gun. Not everyone rallies to protest things. Not everyone speaks (and many shouldn’t.) Not everyone is gay. Not everyone has a religion.

BUT people have those rights. How is voting different?

I have a right to. I also have a right not to.

As an uninformed voter, I feel my place is at home. On my computer. On my blog. Where I actually know what I’m talking about. Maybe on a stage singing things I’m passionate about. As long as I am informed.

Could I be informed about the candidates? Yeah. And when I do vote, I hope to research all of them, and if there’s a section I’m unsure of, I’ll leave it blank. Could I vote third party like I really want to? Yeah, but I doubt they’ll win this round. So I’ll just wait on that one.

Go vote. If you want to, I am SO happy for you. More power to you.

If not, that’s okay too. But you can’t complain about the results. Oh wait, yes you can. We have freedom of speech in America too. How neat.

So have a fantastic election day, make educated decisions, and God bless you all.

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