Harry Potter nerds unite.

Imagine my excitement when my friend, Ashley, messaged me on Facebook. We currently live a few hours apart and it’s very sad. So yay for technology! Or so I thought.

Imagine my distress when she informed me her Mac would not play her Harry Potter game from 2000.

About this game. It’s a good one.

“ITS AMAZING!!! BY FAR THE BEST GAME EVER…NO COMPETITION!” That’s a direct quote from Ashley, a reliable source.

When I received this message, my heart seriously hurt for her.

“I tried to play it on my Mac and sadly the Mac was too advanced for the 2000 Harry Potter game which thoroughly ruined my night.”

So fellow Potterheads, I beg of you. Feel our pain. Sympathize with us. Send strongly worded letters and/or emails to Apple demanding they provide software advanced enough to play our nerd games. How else are we going to remain successful introverts?!

I know Steve Jobs is gone, but you have got to get your life together. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, APPLE?

On a side note, this is the SECOND time I typed this post. The first time it got deleted. The Mac is not on point tonight.

Peace, Love, & Potter


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