With time, my child.

I’ve always heard it said that God’s timing is perfect.

I’ve also realized that usually we mere humans fail to see this when it happens.

BUT today, I saw!

Today I got a package. Postmarked September 13th. Irritated by this being almost THREE entire months late, I confusedly stomped back to my room ready to rip it open and then proceed to take a nap. (On top of this, I had already conquered an 8 a.m. exam and studied geology for five entire hours…and I’m not even done.)

Looking back to twenty minutes ago, I feel stupid for being irritated.

Three months ago, I was not ready to quit. I was loving college very much and was, if you’ll excuse my Wicked reference, dancing through life.

But today… Not so much.

I opened the package to find the best college survival guide letter EVER along with many essentials such as Jolly Ranchers, purple glitter nail polish, and bubbles.

Did this package come at a perfect time?


Yes it did.

“Three months late” quickly turned into “perfection.”

God’s timing is always, ALWAYS perfect. Don’t forget it.

Happy finals week, and Good Luck!


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