Survival of the dimmest.

No. Not survival of the fittest. Dimmest. Dim. Dumb. Me. What even is fun and what is this summer vacation you speak of?

LDOC is slowly approaching complete with multiple exams, several papers, and some group projects which we know are always so much fun, they make me feel like this.

I’m not positive how I’m still alive.

I’m on serious struggle buses. For example, I misspelled buses the first time I typed it just now. Also I can’t pronounce words with double l’s anymore.

Also, I think Jesus is testing me. So everyday instead of facing people like this, I have to do this. So I think I’m possibly on the struggle donkey because they didn’t have buses back then…

And can we just talk about calculus? I hope your answer was no.

Moving on.

If your attention span is anything like mine right now, I should most likely cut this post short.

So here’s how I’m surviving. LISTEN TO IT AND TELL ME YOU DIDN’T SMILE.

Here’s another way.

Also I’m pretending to be her.


So that’s it.

Happy finals. Don’t die.

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