“B” is for…

The motto in my suite tonight, contrary to Spencer’s belief, is: B is no longer for bad. B is for bitchin’.

U kno dats rite.

But really though. Sometimes you have to settle. I don’t mean be lazy and stop trying and settle for whatever loser or insufficient thing comes your way. Rather, when you absolutely can’t do any better at all, be happy with your current circumstances.

Can’t get that A you so desperately wanted? Take your B+ and instead of doing this, celebrate and move on to the next one.

Can’t find the boy that meets all 30 requirements on your list of stuff you look for in a man? Accept the 3 requirements you do find that make him perfect for you and go with it. More importantly, go after him.

And finally, can’t convince yourself to stick to a diet and get bikini ready? Nobody even cares anymore. Nope, not at all. You go eat that donut and you go to Starbucks and you sit in bed and watch TV instead of jogging. You deserve it.

Did I just offer advice about three things I’m currently dealing with? Yes. Yes I did. This is procrastination. This is college. This is me waiting for my SelfControl app to let me back on Facebook, STUDYING SUCKS.

You know when you’re leaving voicemails and you’re not quite sure how to end them so you just kind of stop talking in a really unexpected place?

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