Schwimmweste. The only German word in my vocabulary. Aside from my last name.

But after this school year, I’ll hopefully be quite fluent. To a toddler at least.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so here’s an update: I’ve been to the beach. I’ve visited Rome, the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen next to Manhattan and the Greek island, Mykonos. That being said, I visited Greece. And today I had wisdom tooth surgery YAY.

But I am so excited. God is so wonderful. My mouth hurts. But I am so excited.

After 19 years of life, I’ve finally chosen my political stances and I feel very strong in those stances. Look out, world, new voter coming through.

Within the next few years, I’m going from a one language sheltered country girl to a multilingual world traveler. And I’ll have the degree to prove it.

God has blessed me with Carolina. And Carolina brought me to the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my entire life. Love you, Heels.

Stuff kinda sucks sometimes. And not everything I want is happening like I think it should. I get a little lonely sometimes. I feel discouraged that my music career is never happening. I still can’t remember high school is not one word, but two.

And that’s okay. Because my amazing God is handling it. And He has already overcome the world.

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