We’re all gonna burn in hell.

“Summer, why would you title your blog post such an awful thing?”

Glad you asked.
Something’s been on my mind.

There’s been a lot of playing God and condemnation coming from my people lately, huh?

It’s utterly ridiculous.

“But, Summer! That man claiming to be a Christian is gay. That’s a sin. He’s not a real Christian!”

O rly? He’s a sinner; therefore, he doesn’t actually love Jesus, you say?

You’re probably right. God only forgives those who sin in every way EXCEPT homosexuality. Sorry, slipped my mind.

NO. Unless I missed the fine print, that’s incorrect.

I’m not saying every sin is equal in severity nor am I saying earthly consequences will be the same for all.

But if you’re talking about judgment by God, no sin deserves forgiveness. That’s what grace does. God extends grace to His children and if we ask for forgiveness and accept Christ, that grace is unconditional.

“But Summer, they continually sin with homosexuality. Clearly, they’re not sorry.”

I’ll be the first to say I’ve committed sins I knew were wrong. I’d pray and say sorry halfheartedly and the next day, I’d do it again. I don’t know why. Human error? Whatever the reason, it happens. I certainly hope that does not mean the God I see as graceful and forgiving would send me to hell for that.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8

I don’t claim to know how or to what degree we will face judgment when the time comes. But I do know it’s not up to humans to do the judging. Because Christ died for all sinners equally.

If you really think about it, don’t we all deserve hell? I mean how many people can honestly say they reallybelieve they deserve eternal life in a city of perfection in the presence of an even more perfect God?

*crickets* ….Yep.

And while we’re on the subject, instead of condemning someone to hell and exiling them from your life, have you thought about witnessing? Maybe showing some grace yourself and developing a relationship with said person? Jesus witnessed and made friends with people we probably see as the scum of the earth. I mean, some of these people were in His bloodline! (Story of Tamar anyone? It’s quite scandalous.) My point is, if He can do it, I’m almost positive we can and we are called to.

5 thoughts on “We’re all gonna burn in hell.

  1. Nicely said! At the end of the day a sin is a sin and all can be forgiven. Noone is free of sin, so noone should cast a stone. Christians need to work on being kind to all their neighbors, instead of being judgmental.


  2. I come from a completely different religious tradition and practice…but absolutely love the ultimate expression here. Witnessing, for me, seems to require compassion, something to which we should all aspire. Wonderful. Be well~


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