Yes, you.

So there’s this new thing on twitter where it shows you tweets similar to a particular one you are viewing.

One thing led to another and I really don’t know how I ended up where I did, but I found this girl.

And all of her tweets were sad. Really sad. Depressed. Suicidal. Her retweets were from users with names like “worthless fatty” and other random death/self-loathing related things.

So I started clicking.

Somehow I forgot just how terrible life is for some people.

Until recently when I started following Humans of New York.

First, do it.

Second, I was reintroduced to so many different stories. So many different people. Each with unique struggles and unique joys. Even some with no joy.

Can you imagine that? Never being happy. Ever. Feeling guilty or ugly or depressed or angry every single day of your life.

I’m heartbroken for people.

And I’m realizing how important CRUCIAL it is to remember each person we meet is going through something we may be completely unaware of. And despite what you’ve been told, people do care what you think of and say about them.

So in the age of social media and hiding behind computer screens, it’s even more crucial to sensor what you say. I don’t care if you have freedom of speech and I don’t care what religion, race, or gender you are: You are capable of loving other people and it matters. Always.

Never ever ever think you are better than someone else and think before you speak because it might honestly be the difference between life and death.

And don’t you dare let an amazing person continue to feel invisible.

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