Dear Aerie,

Dear Aerie,

Recently, your ad interrupted by viewing of Pretty Little Liars. Yes, it’s a secret addiction. I guess it’s not a secret anymore.

So. There was this pretty blonde girl with flowing, perfectly wavy strands.

Also she had a pillow.

Also she was in her underwear.

I guess it’s a “cute” ad? Maybe guys would like it.

As for me, I laughed. There were just a few things wrong with your ad, and I’d like to address those right now.

  1. If I were to sit at home alone on my bed with no pants, I guarantee my hair wouldn’t look like that. Also, my abs would not be visible because, dude, dessert. I mean, duh. Also, no makeup, whaddup lazy.
  2. Do people really match their bra and undies? If I were to do that, I’d feel like I had life perfectly figured out and it’s super obvious that I don’t. I find it an accomplish just to put on a bra, let alone make it match my other underclothes. (Is underclothes an actual word? I was unaware until this moment.)
  3. COME ON, Aerie. A solo pillow fight? Who has pillow fights alone? And who was she fighting with? If I slammed my pillow onto my bed countless times as I sat alone in my underwear, people would commit me to Radley (PLL still on the brain. Anyone?). Let’s be real. It’s a little psycho.
  4. Still on the pillow subject, it was filled with feathers. Aerie. Pillows are expensive. It takes time to find that perfect pillow. And a down pillow? Who would dare destroy it and send the feathers flying???? Seriously, it would suck to have to buy yet another pillow. (It’s a difficult process. Find the right store, find the correct sleep position fit, lay down in store-of-choice’s floor to test… I’m not the only one who does that, right?)
  5. Finally. That girl made a mess. She’s probably not going to clean it up. I certainly wouldn’t. I mean… That was a ton of feathers that came out of her one bottomless pit of a pillow.

So you’re pretty wrong on a bunch of levels. But thanks for trying.

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