Christian Letters


I am worth more than a failure. I am worth more than my success.

You say I can do better, but maybe I’ve done my best.

I did my best on your assignment, on your test

And it isn’t good enough. It’s never good enough.

You say I can do better and life is tough

And I have to learn to please the world, because that’s how success comes

By conforming to the thoughts, the ways, the methods of men before me.

But what if I don’t want to be that type of girl?

What if I want to be different

And what if your test isn’t worthy of my best

And what if, what if, my better is something you can’t understand?

You say I can do better.

Better for who? Better for you?

I’m being better for me. Because you can grade me, you can degrade me

But I am worthy of more than that.

You can teach me your ways, but I promise I’ll stray

Because I have my own ways and they’re better for me.

You say I can do better.

And I can.

But you don’t decide who I am.

I am doing better, and I am working on my own dream

And it doesn’t matter that you aren’t a part of that.

My motives are my own and my rules come from a higher plan

From a better man, a better man than you.

My motives come from Jesus because he can tell me what to do

And I believe Him. Because he cares for my success and well-being

And you care for your own dreams and things your narrow mind is seeing.

You aren’t the man in charge of my greater plan

And your opinion will not define me.

You say I can do better.

Watch me.

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