Comfort is overrated.

I thank God that he won’t let me be comfortable. Or I thank Him in the fact that I’m okay with discomfort. Excited about it even.

If I lived life to be comfortable, I can’t imagine where I’d be now.

I would not be attending a university to get a four-year degree. I definitely wouldn’t be far from home at Carolina. I’d for sure still be home with my parents and my puppy in my teensy little country town because larger cities would most likely terrify me.

I definitely wouldn’t be in a long distance relationship because there is nothing comfortable about it. The long distance part or the relationship part. (Not that it’s bad. It’s just that getting close to people is scary. You feel me?)

I wouldn’t have dreams of a successful career. Not the big (maybe too big) dreams I have, anyway. I would focus on money and just getting by with a simple job.

I would not travel. And that would be a shame.

I wouldn’t write. I wouldn’t put my thoughts and feelings out there. Because emotions do make me uncomfortable a lot. Yet here I am.

Discomfort is a blessing. I’m ecstatic that I can’t seem to stay in one place for too long. I’m thrilled that I’m open enough to keep letting people in and out of my life. Getting out there and staying in uncomfortable places has truly shaped me as a person. I’ve learned to be lonely countless times. Seriously. Countless. But I’ve endured. I learned about trust and stuff and how much it disappoints you. And somehow I still trust today.

The most important thing I’ve realized is how much of a disgrace it is to be comfortable. You will never accomplish anything by staying where you are. I don’t necessarily mean a location. I could mean a mindset, a job, a relationship. Whatever you are clinging to that won’t allow you to explore the world and reach out any further: It’s holding you back from your true potential. Do not allow yourself to remain comfortable. Be bold. Be courageous. Go where you are too terrified to go. Because once you get there, you learn to remain there and trust God to bring you through as it is meant to be.

Until the little voice in your head says “go” again. Then the cycle repeats. It is a never-ending cycle. And it’s beautiful. Then, at the end of your battles and discomfort, you can rest easily in the knowledge that you have fought the good fight, you have finished the race and you have kept the faith. (2 Timothy 4:7)

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