Enjoying the journey

Today we are so focused on where we’re going to end up. So much emphasis goes into finding the right college major so you can graduate with a 4.0 and get the best job ever. And a lot of times, we focus so much on the end goal, we forget about the actual process of getting there.

I skipped class last week to have lunch with a friend. We had a lot to catch up on. At 12 pm, I was literally sitting across the street from where my class was meeting. I could actually see the classroom from the window of the restaurant. Was I concerned? No. Because somewhere along the way, I realized the journey is way more important than the destination. I know, that’s a common cliché. But no one really ever listens to it, do they?

I graduate in two years. And I have no idea where I’m going or what I’m going to do. So why would I put all of my energy into getting to this unknown place? I don’t know.

As a college student, passing class to have a solid GPA is usually the ultimate goal of school. But that’s a problem. I should really be focused on learning, not passing class. Do I care about what I’m learning in some classes? No. And this is a problem. Instead of focusing on passing the classes, I should just find joy in the fact I’m lucky enough to have an opportunity to learn new things.

And this process of learning new things doesn’t have to be in an actual classroom. I skip class a lot right now, which is another story on its own. Anyway, experiencing the world with people I go to school with right now is a way to learn. And I love learning this way. I love seeing what the real world is like and I love discovering new adult things with my fellow twentysomethings. I love going to exercise classes that kill me and going to cooking classes to learn skills I can’t use until I have an actual kitchen when I move away from dorm life.

I love this entire experience of attending class and skipping class, learning healthy eating and living on ramen, figuring out how to save money and spending it thoughtlessly on things I really don’t need. Do I know where I’m going? No, not at all. But I sure am having a good time getting there.

2 replies on “Enjoying the journey”

I couldn’t agree more with the idea of the post. We’re giving ourselves such severe anxiety trying to figure out how our futures will be!


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