Furthering the Divide

I’ll make this short. Part of that reason is because I think this is a really simple concept. The other part is because blogging from a mobile device is just the worst.

I begin.

Just today, in the 5 hours I’ve been awake, I’ve read articles about white privilege, judgmental Christians and gay persecution, and the celebration of equal gender representation on SNL. And I’m really furious.

Do you realize every time the media decides to focus on the first openly gay NFL player rather than his talent at the sport, equality becomes less and less possible? Every time agnostics claim their superiority over those gay-hating Christians, tolerance and friendship between both groups goes out the window. Every time we celebrate equal representation, we continue to prove that gender and race actually have A LOT to do with job or education acceptance, when we really should be focusing on the skills a person has to offer to a position.

The rising generation will be a generation of wimps, taking offense to every single thing they don’t like. Rather than accept that we’re all different, this generation chooses to further the divide and tirelessly complain about it.

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