Start spreading the news.

Totally referencing Sinatra in my post title. And if I make a Facebook album, it’ll have the same title because I’m not THAT creative. The title is really cool for a few reasons. First, it’s a song about New York. So duh. But secondly, I’m being totally clever because my upcoming New York trip is evangelical and hopefully I’ll be spreading the news of the gospel. Get it? Get it??

I’m so thankful for the support I’ve gotten and would be thrilled if you’d like to stay updated throughout the trip by following my blog. I’m currently without a laptop, so the posts may be short and infrequent, but I promise to write everything down in my travel journal and will be prepared to talk for hours about the trip upon my return home.

I’ve been in New York City enough time to know that I am in love with everything there. The diversity. The smells. The crowds. The food. Definitely the food. Most importantly, I love that God loves the city too. It’s really obvious to me that I’m supposed to be there, at least for a while. I’m supposed to look at the city through the lens of the gospel. I’m supposed to absorb everything I can about it and continue falling in love with it. I’m supposed to care greatly for the millions of people living and working there every single day. And I do. I am SO EXCITED to fly into LaGuardia on Friday and be back where I feel most at home. And also where I feel most terrified.

The more time I spend there, the smaller I realize I am. I’m only a tiny little piece of the beautiful mass that is New York. And to think that I can actually make a difference there is crazy, isn’t it? But I also know that I am never alone in this and I believe in a God much greater than New York. My hope rests in Him. My confidence is in Him. My life is Him. I’m stoked to be coming back to a place I hope to call home one day. I ask that you’ll pray for me and the other students and staff going on this journey. Pray that we’ll be safe. Pray that we’ll cling to the promises of God. Pray that we, a small little group from the south, can make even a little difference in the lives of the New Yorkers we are about to enter into. (And pray for my mom because she’s a worrier. Parents.)

No sleep ’til Brooklyn.

One thought on “Start spreading the news.

  1. Will keep you all in prayer. And I am a mom too so I totally get your mom’s worrying! My kids are both adults but I still worry about them. It comes with the territory. 🙂


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