What even is happening
I have no sense of time here other than this great thing where I’m always right on time for the R train. Whew.

The Princess Diaries is on television. Chelsea (my roommate I don’t remember if I introduced already??) and I are actually sitting down and relaxing, which is crazy. I’m telling you, my short term memory is going downhill fast.

I’ve been to three campuses this week. Two in Queens and one in Brooklyn. There’s this weird transition period right now where classes are ending and summer sessions are starting, so it’s kind of a crazy time on campus. BUT we finally had a really fantastic spiritual conversation with some new friends at Kingsborough Community College. (It didn’t hurt that we were sitting with a perfect beach view the entire time. Except the serious sunburn I got from not moving for 2.5 hours. That actually did hurt.)

Today we spent all day in Sheepshead Bay painting a house for a retired veteran. The city is still recovering from hurricane Sandy and has a lot more work left to do. Even if I can’t do a lot, it’s really good knowing we made a small impact on rebuilding efforts. (Big thanks to Resurrection Brooklyn for letting us serve with you.)

I’ve had a ton of great food so far. So much, in fact, I could write an entire blog just about that. But I won’t. Sorry to disappoint.

Thanks for all the prayers. I’ll update again in a few days, assuming I can still walk after a weekend full of bagels, coffee, and pizza. And Jesus. Because of course that’s why I’m here.

We also have the privilege to serve with Apostles Brooklyn while here and I’m stoked to take the train to Barclay’s super early Sunday and meet the setup team. I think they’re hipsters. Actually I know they are. Because I said that in my last post. Anyway. Very excited.

Yep… just gonna stop typing now. What a life.

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