New York City Summer Project

A Final Update

I can’t believe summer project is actually over.

After spending 32 days in New York City, I’m back in quiet small-town North Carolina. And it’s really difficult. Before you have the usual reaction of telling me to get over it, let me explain a few things.

City life and country life are very different, if you weren’t aware. I’ve gone from subway commutes during rush hour everyday to getting stuck behind tractors on curvy roads in the middle of nowhere. I’ve gone from living with million of people around me to a county with only 60,000. I’ve gone from the concrete jungle to… trees.

There are trees everywhere.

So, yes. It’s quite the adjustment, and because I love city living so much, I’m really struggling with it. This is hard for some people to understand, and that’s okay. But please don’t tell me to stop feeling the way I feel. And PLEASE don’t tell me to come back to reality.

Because New York was my reality. I lived in the city. I worked in the city. I loved the city.

So when you ask if I’m happy to be home, my honest answer is no. I’m not. I am in love with New York City, you see. I feel called there and I will move there after graduation, no doubt.

I miss my project friends and I miss the diversity and I miss the chaos and I miss the rush.

I feel very passionate about changing your views on the city. Everyone here has this view of the city as dirty and scary and dangerous. But it’s not. Those adjectives can be applied anywhere, including the city, but that’s not all it is. And even if it were, that’s okay. Because those dirty, scary, dangerous people deserve hearing the good news of Jesus just as much as everyone else.

And should I not have concern for the great city? Jonah 4:11

That seems like a good transition into telling you exactly how many people got to hear this great news during our month in the city. Here are some stats.

325 initiated convos
216 spiritual convos
131 gospel presentations
1 Spirit filled-life presentation
1 trusted Christ!

Most of these conversations took place on college campuses throughout Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. A few were with people we met on the streets. And others were from our two days partnering with the Summer in the City project. The Cru campus ministry has this idea that if we reach college campuses today, we can reach the entire world tomorrow. And that’s why I was in New York.

Because God put this burden on my heart and a passion in my soul to be in New York and care deeply for the people there. A lot of people in the South can’t understand why I would choose to live in such a busy place. Maybe I don’t even understand it. But that’s my reality and I’m so thankful for it.

My life will never be the same because of New York City. I’m obsessed. #sorrynotsorry

I could probably talk for hours to anyone who cares to listen, but I really want to get a point across: This month in New York was not a vacation. This was me and other students and Cru staff taking a stint as short-term missionaries in a great city.

So, I beg of you, don’t ask me how my hotel was. Don’t ask if I rode the subways. Please don’t ask if I visited Times Square. I’d be glad to share these things, but I’m really dying to tell you how God has worked this summer in my life, the other project students’ lives, and in the lives of people we met in New York.

I’ll tell you that it was awesome. Really awesome. And I’m stoked to go back for the long haul.

4 replies on “A Final Update”

No need to apologise for not being “over it” yet. In some ways you’ll get there. In other ways, you never will. It took me 3 years to mostly get over my 5.5 years in London . . . but they’ll always be a part of who I am. You know?


I understand completely, it has been nearly 40 yrs since we left the big city and moved to this little burg. I have moved away a few times and always came back. I still miss city living, always referring myself as a city gal! But as I got older I learned to appreciate both the merits of the the small city living and the big city living. NYC being one of my favorite cities too. Even when there is nothing to do there is something to do, if that makes sense. But remember home is indeed where the heart is and you can make home wherever you choose. In the military there is a saying, “home is where we lay our boots”. So lay your boots in NYC or a small town in North Carolina, it doesn’t really matter God will bless you wherever you are. Don’t rush it – reality will hit you quick enough, enjoy your memories and in making your plans to eventually return to home in NYC.


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