Of the world.

Well, summer project is over so my update posts are officially done. But, of course, that doesn’t mean I’m done with learning about God and Christianity every single day.

Here’s what I’ve learned lately.

So to catch you up on the news if you’ve missed out, Colbie Caillat just released a music video with this positive message about loving yourself without photoshop and makeup.

In the Christian bubble, Caillat would be known as a “secular artist.”

K-LOVE is a Christian radio station and they shared Caillat’s video on their Facebook page.

Instead of being happy about the message being shared, a lot of commenters were pretty focused on the fact K-LOVE dared share a video from a non-Christian artist.

Of course, I understand the audience here. It’s a Christian radio station and listeners expect Christian news. That’s totally fine. Where I found the problem was the common overuse of the phrase “in the world, not of the world” and the story of how Jesus hung out with the sinners.

I think both of these things are good things. Because we are called to live in the world, but not of the world and, yes, Jesus did indeed have fellowship with the worst of the worst.

But here’s what we Christians forget.

We’re sinners too.

Jesus was radical in hanging out with sinners because he was free of sin. But we’re not.

There’s a “holier than thou” attitude in the Christian bubble that should really stop. We are called to be holy. But we know that we will ultimately fail at this in an earthly life. We can try really hard. But we are going to fall victim to sin over and over again.

So it confuses me when I read comments like “Jesus hung out with them.” “Them.” You’re one of “them” and you cannot place yourself on a pedestal above anyone else. Because Christ came for them too and offered the same gift of redemption. “They” just haven’t reached out and accepted it yet. And why would they?

Why would anyone want to join a bubble of judgment and refusal to do anything pegged by the word secular? It probably doesn’t look like too much fun from the outside.

So do as you’re told. Live in the world. And try your hardest to refrain from sin of the world. But don’t forget that you are never doing this by your own strength, and the only reason you have your sins forgiven is by the grace of God.

We shouldn’t be afraid of the world. God gave us this world and it’s a beautiful place. Staying in our comfort zones and not experiencing that which was divinely created is, in my opinion, not glorifying God at all. Get out of the bubble. It’ll be okay.

The world can be a tempting place, but if you truly believe God is who he says he is, you have no reason to fear. Because overcoming temptation with the creator of the universe on your side doesn’t seem very daunting to me.

And finally, instead of thinking yourself a hero for “hanging out with the sinners,” remind yourself daily that you are also one. You’re no better than anyone else. The one who is better is Jesus. That’s why he was necessary. And even though we can never live a perfect life on earth, one day in a better far away land, we can. But not yet.

I’m not afraid of sin. I know it has ultimately been defeated. People may sin differently than me. They may have harsher earthly consequences for their sins. But we’re still no different. So, no, I won’t say that I hang out with sinners, but refrain from it. That’s a lie.

I hang out with sinners because I am one. And my duty in this is not to be a hero. It’s not to rise above and be better than the people around me. It is not to be a super Christian. It is to show the sinners who have lost their way why following Jesus is the ultimate joy.

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