Help! I Want To Write

Hey blog friends!

In an attempt to write more than once a month, I’d love some feedback about topics I could write about!

I seem to write about Christian faith a lot, and I do enjoy discussing where faith and political things collide. I also enjoy doing commentaries on silly things that happen in television commercials.

What would you want to read? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Help! I Want To Write

  1. First, thanks for visiting my online writing website and opting to follow my work.
    Second, write about what you know — or maybe think you know — is the writer’s maxim. If you’re a Christian, and you want to write about Christian topics — do so.
    I think it would be wrong to tell a Christian to write from your heart — you know — the heart being deceitful and all of that. JK.
    Maybe you are a critic of what the church (little “c”) does that is far outside the boundaries that Jesus was/is about.
    The whole WWJD do, for example. Is it what he would do? Or the attitude he would do it with?
    Perhaps you might address the far right Christian political attitudes, or the extremist groups.
    Or the issues that are dividing churches in the US, chopping them down into very narrowed fragments of isolated existence.
    What’s worth sharing is what you deem worthy. Readers make their own judgments, and may not agree. But the conversation that ensues could be meaningful to many.
    Or, none of the above.
    If you are a writer, you are compelled to write by your own sense of need to express yourself. Whether through prose or poetry, the urgency is the same. Whether or not your writing goes down among the greats, you write.

    All of that, by the way, is my opinion. And if you have $5, you can take my opinion and get a cup of coffee about anywhere (with the exception of Starbuck’s, of course).

    — SM


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