An open letter to the girl who waited

No, this is not related to Doctor Who. But that’d be really cool. I’ll blog about Amy Pond another day.

This is about a blog I read. Of course, I lost the link so I can’t share it with you. Typical. Basically, the church convinced scared her into purity. And then when she got married, she regretted the wait. The blogger, from what I recall, no longer practices religion and many of the commenters agreed with her thoughts.

I’d first like to apologize for the way her church used scare tactics to promote morality. You see, because Christians aren’t perfect, we sometimes start focusing on the rules and forget the reason for them in the first place. It leads to hypocrisy. It leads to people being hurt. And it leads to people turning away from the church, and worse, turning away from God completely.

Now, many commenters were bashing this God because he seems unfair. Why would he create something great (yes, like sex) and then tell you not to do it? It doesn’t make sense when you put it that way. I’d like to help anyone questioning this to understand my views on why it must be this way.

First: Sex is great. Really. It was created for pleasure and intimacy and was never meant to be taboo or harmful. Society has twisted it into such a thing. But because of this twist, it can also hurt. Rape is a thing. Regret is a thing. Unwanted pregnancies and abandonment are also things. A lot of stuff we try to avoid can occur when we don’t follow the “rules.” And that’s why I think God made things this way.

I’m not saying sex inside marriage will always be perfect because humans will always make mistakes. I’m saying it will be better. It will be better because God said it was better.

To any non-Christians, it really does seem stupid to refrain from pleasure. I know. And sometimes it’s a struggle and an inner battle to hold back. But I have experienced first hand what happens when you go against what God wants for your life. Stuff sucks. On the flip side, I’ve experienced what happens when you do follow God’s will. And it’s better. I promise it’s better. I’m going to keep using that word.


Looking back, I could have avoided a lot of pain and heartache by just following the rules. And the rules aren’t burdens on my life. It’s an honor to follow them. But no pressure. Because I believe if I do break the rules, God will be there to pick me back up, put me on the right track, and forgive me.

I know people have different beliefs and that’s cool. But I invite you to learn about mine. You don’t have to agree. But I’d love it for you to listen. And if you take anything away from this, just remember that I have experienced that God is better. Always.

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