Thank You

In the spirit of giving

I know it’s not the holiday season yet, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to start giving! Last year I participated in a 24 hour dance marathon at my university to benefit kids and families at the North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

I’m doing it again. Last year I also had a goal of $150 and only reached out to a few friends. This year my goal is $300 (not too much more!) and I’m asking EVERYONE!

I love kids and I love giving and I love this marathon and all it stands for.

So, dear blog family, if you’d be interested in helping out a great cause, go to this link and donate. Learn about what your donation can do and give. It’s so worth it. Seeing the difference made by this marathon and the participants is the greatest feeling.

Last year, I was moved to tears. Though that could have been caused by the distress of standing/not sleeping for 24 hours straight. Regardless, it’s fantastic and these kids deserve all we have to give.

Here’s the link once again to my personal page!:

If you can’t give financially, but believe in prayer/well wishes/good vibes send those to the kids and their families! The marathon is not until March, but they are fighting for health and comfort year round.

A small donation to UNC Dance Marathon may not change the whole world, but you can help change someone’s world. And that counts for everything.

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