Backwards: A Letter

“Abolish all religions. There’s no place in the 21st century for those backwards views anyway.”

One comment of many.

I have a problem with it, in case you weren’t sure where this was going. For some context, this was on an article/video link about Ben Affleck arguing with a guy about Islam or something. I didn’t watch it. Because I’m at work. Supposed to be working. Oops.

So. Dear comment guy,

Okay, sure. Maybe some religious extremists really need to calm down, but these people do not reflect a religion as a whole. Even further, religion is a belief system. It’s just a belief in a higher being of some sort.

To call religion a backwards view worthy of being abolished is to say that a person’s core beliefs and values are, well, invalid.

I’m not even arguing for a certain religion right now. I’m arguing for all of them, even the ones I don’t agree with. Because even though I’d be thrilled if the whole world joined me in following Jesus, that’s a personal choice. And everyone has the right to a personal choice and a personal belief.

And to call those beliefs backwards? Quite frankly, that’s rude.

You fight for civil rights. You fight for LGBT equality. You fight for lots of things and say the government should have zero control in these basic human right sectors. Yet, you call for an abolition of religion, another basic human right actually guaranteed by one of America’s founding documents?

Call me crazy, but you seem to be the guy with backwards views here.

Maybe you’re not American and you don’t believe in freedom of religion. Well. Sorry.

I don’t care if you practice a religion or not. But you can’t take them away. Because you are not a supreme being and you do not have the power and authority to tell another human what to believe. Just like I can’t tell you what to believe. So maybe you won’t listen to me at all here even though I think you should. That’s the great thing about having free will and a working mind capable of producing unique thoughts and opinions and belief systems that turn into religions.

So maybe you think I’m backwards. That’s great. I’m here to tell you that I’m not.

I’m just a person that believes in God and acts accordingly.

I would be nothing today without my faith and my religion shaping the way I’ve lived and made decisions. So my argument is, if you want a world full of nothing, abolish religion. Abolish belief systems. Abolish free will. And then talk about backwards.

Sincerely yours,

A backwards, religious girl

*A note: For the sake of my demanding letter, lump non-beliefs (i.e. atheism, agnosticism, etc.)  into the category when I say “religion” or “belief system” here. I categorize the choice to not believe in a higher being as a sort of belief system.

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