The Insanity of God Series

The Insanity of God. Two.

The second in a series of valuable lessons in Nik Ripken’s The Insanity of God book. See the first post here.

Nik Ripken heard so many amazing stories during his journey to discover how Christianity can thrive in the midst of persecution. I was especially struck by his conversation with one Ukrainian man. Here is the story.

I was with yet another group of believers listening to their stories of prison, persecution, and God’s provision for His people. Once again I was struck by the power of the testimonies and stories that I was hearing. As we came to the end of our time together, I asked: “I just don’t understand why you haven’t collected these stories in a book? Believers around the world ought to hear what you have been telling me here today. Your stories are amazing! These are inspiring testimonies! I have never heard anything like them!”

An older pastor in the group asked Nik a question I didn’t really expect. They were powerful testimonies. I hadn’t heard such inspiring stories either. I didn’t really understand why the Ukrainian man was so against recording his story for others to read.

The question he asked in return to Nik’s inquiry was simple. “Son, when did you stop reading your Bible?”


He went on to explain these stories and stories like them are already written down. Right in the Bible. God already recorded them so believers could read them. They are just as inspiring.

So when did I stop reading my Bible? I really can’t remember. I was so inspired by Nik’s stories, yet I look at the Bible and become overwhelmed and bored. Maybe the stories just seem outdated. Maybe they seem difficult to believe because they happened to long ago and no one we know witnessed the miracles. We’re just reading and believing based on faith that some really old men had their stories straight.

But The Insanity of God really reminded me that miracles are still a real thing. And that makes the stories in the Bible seem that much more believable. I was very convicted by this.

I know it’s a really simple thing. Read your Bible. Believers are told that from the minute they pray for salvation.

What people fail to add onto the end is to read your Bible with faith. With awe. Because it’s real!

The inspired word of God was written down to inspire believers just like the stories of the Ukrainian men Nik Ripken was so excited to hear.

I’m still trying to apply this lesson to my life, but I would encourage you to join me. Open your Bibles with joy and be prepared to learn from amazing testimonies. And praise God he felt the need to make them available to us.

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