The Insanity of God Series

The Insanity of God. Five.

A quick post today to encourage you to joyously learn about God while you have the beautiful freedom to do so.

You can only grow in persecution what you take into it.

This is the lasting lesson of a few Chinese believers, honored by others for being in prison, but themselves feeling ashamed and guilty.

These Chinese leaders barely knew Jesus upon their arrest. They didn’t pray. They didn’t know Scripture, They didn’t share their faith in prison, unlike the other believers around them.

I think my initial reaction would be, “Well, how could you share your faith when you barely know anything about it? That’s okay. Not a big deal.”

But that wasn’t the response these men had. Instead they confessed and begged for forgiveness from their fellow believers. They were ashamed to know so little and to hide their faith. They felt very strongly that they had failed Jesus while in prison.

And how convicted I am by that. There are sections of my Bible that have probably never been opened, if I’m being honest. If I found myself in a persecuted situation without the internet and previous scholarly research on theology, would I really be able to convince someone Jesus is worth it? The sad truth is, probably not.

I think at some point we believers are all going to experience persecution in one way or another. I’m not really worried about it. I’m more worried about how prepared I am for it.

Will I be like the other Chinese leaders in this story and stand strong, boldly proclaiming my faith and reciting Scripture, despite whatever torture may befall? Or will I be these men, standing silent, unable to recall songs of faith and biblical passages?

I can write about God all I want. I can go to church and worship meetings all I want. I can read theological books and inspiring novels all I want. But without the Bible and without truly knowing God and His Son, I will be the latter. I will be the silent one.

Today I challenge you (and myself) to open a passage and open your hearts to learn. Or, just pray. Pray that you will gain a desire to grow closer and deepen your relationship with God. Pray whatever you need. But whatever you do, do not stand silent.

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