The Insanity of God Series

The Insanity of God. Six.

Before I begin my sixth and final post in the Insanity of God Series (which you can find here), I’d like to say thanks to Nik Ripken for writing this and retweeting my post that one time and being okay with me using his words. And thanks to you, readers. This has been fun. Let me know if you liked it because we could totally start an online book club and it’d be the greatest.

Okay. Rambling over.

In my fourth post in this series, I talked about the church. This post is sort of an extension of that.

Nik is in China in this story, and he’s talking to women leading part of the house-church movement taking place there. Here’s the excerpt:

I asked them how they had become evangelists and church planters.

They told me, “Oh, it is just common sense!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Once churches are planted, the leaders are often imprisoned,” they explained. “When those leaders are away, other people begin to lead. Sometimes, those leaders are taken to prison too. Every time, though, others rise up to take their place. We simply do what we have been trained to do; we take God’s Word and we share it. When people receive the message, new churches are started. That seems to be the way that God grows His church.”

I was astounded by the clarity and simplicity of the strategy– and by their commitment to do it. These women seemed completely uninterested in titles, positions, and formal structures. They were committed to sharing the story of Jesus; nothing else seemed to matter to them.

In that moment, I thought of so many American denominations that are engaged in conflict over matters of authority and leadership. These believers seemed to understand that the only thing that mattered was sharing Jesus.

So, church, this is our purpose: Share Jesus. I’m also blown away by the simplicity of this. Share Jesus. Take the Word and share it. Simple.

This instruction comes at a perfect time. Because, obviously, Christmas is in a few days (yay). And while I know we’re all going to get caught up in family dinners, volunteer work, presents, Santa, shopping, and lots of stress despite being off work and out of school, don’t forget why Christmas is celebrated. I mean, Christ is in the actual holiday name. (Side note: Christ is in Xmas too. Don’t be mad about it. It’ll be okay.)

Remember Jesus came and humbled himself as a baby, and be humbled. Remember Jesus came to show you grace, and show grace to others. Remember Jesus came to love, and love others and yourself. Remember Jesus came to die so that you may live, and live for Him.

This holiday season is a great opportunity to share and experience Jesus & the coming new year is a great time to make sharing and experiencing Jesus a goal for 2015.

So, friends, share Jesus. I hope you all have the greatest Christmas. Or happy any other holiday you may celebrate this season if you’re a reader that doesn’t celebrate Christmas! Or Buon Natale. Feliz Navidad. I like other languages. I hope you don’t get caught up in the stress and materialism. I hope you always remember Jesus.

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