Thank You

No One Is Alone

First, read the title of this post like the song. Second, you guys!

I’m completely overwhelmed by the encouragement and love I’m receiving on my last post. Most of you are from the U.S. and that’s awesome, but I’ve seen a good portion of views come from other countries! (Honduras is really representing.)

The point is, I’m so honored to have such a perfect, diverse audience and all of you have really encouraged me in this struggle. You’ve proved that no one is alone and we all struggle with the same things. You showed me that sharing my story is important for me and others.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you. And if you ever feel alone and like no one is listening, know it isn’t true. You’re never alone and you are loved.

And you are wonderful. Thanks to you, my 2015 is off to a perfect start. I truly hope your year is this joyful. xoxo

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