Redefining the church.

There’s this thing now that’s been around for a bit where “nonreligious” people can gather on Sundays and build a community. I didn’t know this existed until I read that one was coming to my town. Many refer to it as an atheist church. I’ve seen it called a nonreligious church. The official name is the Sunday Assembly. That works. But for purposes of this post, I’m just going to talk about how it’s still being talked about as church.

I think it’s great that nonreligious people want community and a place to gather. However, the first definition of church is a place of Christian worship, and another is the full body of Christian believers.

I feel like church has just become a word thrown around and it means nothing special to modern society. It needs to be redefined back to its roots. The church should be a radical (meaning unconventional) place of radical worship and radical love centered around Christ.

The word church obviously has an origin and I’m sure you’d enjoy learning about it. I could get into the original Greek and discuss really technical things here, but that’s not really my expertise. The original Greek word used in the Bible may not actually translate directly to English as “church,” however, that’s how English-speaking believers translate it. So I still think my point stands, but feel free to disagree with that.

I still think the church has lost its touch with the new generations. Speaking as a millennial, I know what I’m saying here. Here’s an article about some reasons people, especially younger people, leave the church. I think it brings up some good points.

I know, it can be inconvenient and go against tradition to try and cater to the “secular world.” But isn’t that kinda the point? Isn’t the entire mission of the Christian faith to create disciples? It works like this: nonbeliever –> new believer –> disciple. That’s really simple. The point is, you’ve got to reach the nonbelievers to actually make them believers. I don’t know why we’re not trying harder to do that.

If this Jesus is SO great and SO worth following, don’t you want people to know? Don’t you want to bring people into the church and not only give them a community, but give them the Gospel?

This church movement needs to be redefined, or I fear it will die. I know the church is the body of believers, and there will always be believers. But it doesn’t need to be fading. The church really should be growing if we’re doing what the Bible teaches.

Matthew 28:19

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

So, Church. It’s your move. Are we doing this thing or what?

3 thoughts on “Redefining the church.

  1. Nice reminder, but does believers in the church know what is the cost of discipleship? If so are they experiencing being a follower of Christ. We need the Gospel to solve all of our problems.


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