Russell Brand responds to Chapel Hill & Copenhagen murders

This one is close to home for me (literally).

It pains me to see entire faiths condemned for one extremist group. I don’t like when people lump all of Christianity into one category. Is Islam really so different that they should become lesser? We may not agree on all things or believe the same things, but the stereotypes aren’t fair. For either group.

It pains me to know my mother is terrified of me going to Europe in fear that I’m going to be killed by one of these groups. Is the media to blame? Don’t bad things happen everywhere? ISIS is a major problem in the world, but it’s currently the only one I’m hearing about. Fear is being instilled in populations against the Muslim faith, when the true evil lies within only a portion of it.

I’d be interested to hear what you all think of this.

5 replies on “Russell Brand responds to Chapel Hill & Copenhagen murders”

I think he needs to distance himself from America and just talk about things he knows about like sex and dirty hair. I love how this guy thinks he has any credibility whatsoever. Sure he has a right to his opinion, but he is irrational, not funny, and needs to quit speaking like he’s an American because he’s not.

That being said, these murders are all sad and senseless and should never have happened.


I think to say he only has authority on sex and dirty hair is extremely close minded and untrue^

Brand makes an excellent point about the media in America choosing say that the Chapel Hill murders were not hate crimes because it would force us to examine what’s really happening within our culture. The shooter had a website dedicated to hating all religion. Shooting three people execution style is not justified by a parking problem. A parking dispute is not enough to justify taking the lives of a couple who had only been married a month. Three hard working, bright, young people who were dedicating to bettering the lives of people around them. Brand my not be an American but can still have an informed opinion about what is going on around the world.

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I said he has a right to his opinion. I just personally think he acts like a know it all and has so many negative opinions of Americans. On being close minded, I don’t mean to come across that way, I just personally don’t care for this guy.
The three Muslim Americans that were killed is a tragedy and I’m not taking anything away from that. I think it’s extremely sad. They wouldn’t call the beheading of the woman in Oklahoma by a radical Islamist a hate crime either, remember? The way he tells it seems he wants to start more separation. What for? Why divide people even more? Basically everyone’s afraid to call anything what it really is anymore because we might offend someone and I think he is the one who calls everything offensive in the first place.
The dirty hair comment is true to me. Sorry, his hair looks dirty.
I respect your opinion just have a slightly different one.


there should be critical judgement of any faith or religion that advocates conversion by the sword or is used to justify terror. Chrtians speak out against radical groups and cultists in their own ranks! I see little of Muslims doing the same.


While I am not overly fond of Russell, I happen to agree with his perspective on this and many other things. This in particular was a very good analysis of how the media treats violence, most especially how it treats race or religious based violence. To believe for an instant there is ‘fair / balanced’ reporting or treatment would be fooling ourselves.


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