Well March has taught me some things about perseverance. And it’s pretty hard sometimes. I’ll keep this short and sweet hopefully.

A 30 day online yoga challenge I am doing has been interrupted countless times by sickness, traveling, and midterms. I’m still trying to finish. I started 40 days ago.

I had to drop a class the day before the drop deadline because of a migraine causing me to miss the midterm. I hated the class, so no complaints, but I definitely can’t slack off senior year now.

I took a spring break trip to New York that was the opposite of relaxing. We drove. An 8 hour ride turned into 13 hours both ways. Then I had 2 more hours to drive home and see my family for a day and a half before returning to school.

Honestly, I’m exhausted. I’m burnt out and have a horrible attitude and am letting the littlest things get to me. A parking attendant was rude to me at a Fleetwood Mac concert (eek!!) yesterday and I started crying. I was in an otherwise amazing mood because… I was in a room with Stevie Nicks, guys. And GUYS, Lindsey Buckingham did the greatest guitar solo I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Wow. Anyway.

I feel like it’s never going to stop. Because this weekend is UNC’s Dance Marathon. I’m on the Operations committee, which means I get to direct and participate in setup tomorrow for 8 hours after being in class all day THEN get to set up the marathon, stand/work for 24 hours without sleep oh my, then spend some time cleaning up after. I want to cry.

But I keep reminding myself life isn’t about me. I drew two tally marks on my arm. Two- because I am second. God is first. Other people are first. I am second. Has this been difficult in the midst of my stress and health issues and school difficulty and massive time commitments? Yeah. Have I been doing a good job at extending grace to the people that disappointment me? Not really.

Putting oneself second is much more challenging than we like to believe. I hope this tiring weekend at Dance Marathon will remind me that my life is about much more than my own comfort. My feet will hurt and I’m going to be delirious, but I know that getting to play with the kids and families benefitting from the money raised will make everything worth it. I know the hundreds of people cheering/breathing sighs of relief after the total raised is revealed will show me my efforts are not in vain. I think the perseverance and selflessness of Dance Marathon can be applied in lots of areas of life.

Things could be worse. I’m pretty lucky. And it’s not always about me anyway.

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