I wasn’t asking for it

Gonna keep this short because there’s not too much to say.

Tonight I went out with my friends to get frozen yogurt. We had just gone to a baseball game so we were wearing sneakers, decent length shorts, and loose sporty tshirts. Simple. ‘Til a guy catcalled at us from his truck as we were walking down the sidewalk.

I’ve been hearing lately that “if you’re not serving it for dinner, you shouldn’t put it on the menu,” and I think that’s crap. I was serving absolutely nothing to these guys and they asked for it anyway.

I just wanted to reinforce that what I wear is not responsible for the thoughts that run through a man’s head when he sees me on the street. That leads to a really slippery slope when we start talking about sexual assault and victim-blaming. My clothes were not asking for it, but I got the attention anyway.

I would also like to think that if I wanted to look nice and wear clothes that were a little more revealing, that I wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted attention. But that isn’t reality. Reality is that I will receive attention no matter what I’m doing if the right jerk is around. And I am not responsible for his actions.

A man is responsible for his own mind and he is responsible for seeing the value of women for who they are, not what they look like or how easy he thinks he can take them to bed.

And a woman is responsible for her own mind and she is responsible for seeing the value of a man for who he is, not what he looks like or how easy he can be taken to bed. It really goes both ways. In the end we are responsible for ourselves and behaving like decent human beings.

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