Fear of flying

Title is not a metaphor. I’m terrified of flying. I flew from North Carolina to Texas today right across a big line of storms. The turbulence was so rough the flight attendants were instructed to discontinue cabin service and remain seated. So I was freaking out! However, I remembered I believe in a sovereign God. 1/2 of my flight was definitely spent praying. I prayed for safety and I prayed that I would trust God in whatever he had planned. The Dallas airport then tested my patience greatly and I prayed some more. I can’t wait to write more and tell you all about it, but I have to get my thoughts together AND preferably not be typing from my phone. Basically I just wanted to remind you that prayer works and God is available for you. When you are traveling alone, cast your anxieties on Him. When you are traveling anywhere, cast your anxieties on Him. When you are content and unmoving, still cast your anxieties on Him. Nothing will be perfect, but you will at least have a flicker of confidence that an angel has the wings and God is carrying you in His powerful, perfect hand. Do not be afraid to fly.

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