What little Mason taught me about life

Hi friends. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been inspired by anything enough to write about it. Not that God hasn’t been around. It’s just that I’m exhausted. I’m burnt out after being in school for just 3 weeks and I’m anxious and my failures are 100% clear in my eyes.

And then a few days ago, everyone around my hometown started posting prayer requests for a little boy named Mason. I don’t know him personally, but I know he looked like a precious little angel, like every little child does.

I watched all week as thousands of people followed Facebook closely waiting for updates. I watched all week as people, even complete strangers, posted condolences and prayers online. I pleaded with God myself about protecting the family from loss and heartbreak. But he had others plans.

I don’t want to take away from the loss and heartbreak the family is absolutely experiencing, but I do want to highlight how I, as an outsider, have seen God’s faithfulness and the body of Christ in such a new delightful way thanks to this little boy. In his suffering and his going home to be with Jesus, he has given me so much hope. A bittersweet hope, but a hope nonetheless.

I watched his family sadly talk about the good things in life he would have to miss, but I also watched them rejoice in the fact he would never have to experience the evils in the world. Instead he would get to be with Jesus and spend every single day joyfully basking in the glory of God the Father.

Dear family, I am so blown away by your faith and outlook on your situation. I can’t imagine what you are feeling, and your unwavering confidence in God through all of this is certainly a testament to just how great He is. I will continue to pray that you will not lose sight of eternity and that we will rest in the fact that earthly life is so temporary because something even greater is waiting.

You may ask why God can be so great when thousands of people pray for the healing of a child and it doesn’t come. I don’t claim to understand exactly, but I also know that God is sovereign. We prayed for healing and healing came- just not in Mason’s earthly body. He is now perfectly healed and comforted in the sweet embrace of Christ.

I saw that at one point, there was someone from every continent except Antartica praying for Mason and his family. That is crazy. One little boy brought the international body of Christ together for one common goal. How magnificent. This is how the body of Christ was meant to be. Every tongue, tribe, nation, and people working, praying, worshipping together in perfect harmony with God and with each other.

This week has made me question my own heart. Suffering and death seemed like the worst thing that could ever happen to me or to anyone. But it isn’t. How could something be bad when it actually leads people closer to Jesus? I’m not saying it isn’t painful. I’m not saying it isn’t hard. But it isn’t the worst thing. The worst thing would be to come out of a situation like this cursing God and isolating yourself from Him. The worst thing would be to lose faith in prayer and stop talking to God altogether. The worst thing would be to forget that God uses everything for good, according to His good and perfect plans.

You may not have been here long and I may not have even known you, but dear little Mason, you’re such an inspiration. You are with Jesus now. It must be so joyful to experience that. It must be so joyful to no longer feel pain or worry. It must be so joyful to meet your big heavenly family, the body of Christ in all its holy, forgiven, rescued perfection.

We are so lucky to know your story.

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