The Single Issues

It’s probably obvious from my lack of posting any words since May that I’ve had trouble finding something I feel very strongly about lately. I just reactivated my Facebook a few weeks ago and have been incredibly out of the loop there since December. Well, let’s say my passion has been reignited. I can’t sit idly and watch people remained uninformed about issues that are incredibly important. I also can’t sit idly and watch people put 100% of their faith in human political candidates rather than trusting that maybe, just maybe, the God we claim to worship still has control of the world.

I think God is in control, ultimately. But politics do matter. We place great power in the hands of humans and we need to know what we’re talking about when we elect them.

This post is about the single issues.

I have recently moved back home from my large liberal college to a small southern town. You won’t be surprised to know the political views are incredibly different between the two. I don’t claim to be God and know everything I’m talking about, so maybe you’re gonna think what I have to say is crazy. But I do think my experience as an international studies major, a college graduate, a girl raised 20 years in the south, a Christian, a daycare teacher, a non-profit intern, and a former journalist helped me out just a little bit.

To begin, there are more than two candidates in this election. I am going to speak about all of them at some point.

There are also more than two political/social issues addressed in each platform. But I’m only going to talk about a few today. You know, the ones everyone wants to talk about.

1. Abortion

The number one argument I have heard (not from statistics, but in person and online in conversation) against the Democratic nominee is because she supports abortion. I think focusing on this one issue is a problem.

First, pro-choice does not necessarily mean a person wants to kill every unborn child at every chance they get. I’d go so far as to say that no one actually likes the idea of an abortion- it just seems like the easy way out.

Second, pro-life needs to extend beyond 9 months in the womb. Many that claim pro-life do not support social welfare programs. They do not support Planned Parenthood that provides many services beyond abortions. Many support abstinence-only sex education.

I would like to make the argument that if birth control options were free, adoption (including adoption to same-sex couples) were made easier, and life after the baby’s birth seemed feasible, many would not choose abortion. That is why social programs are important. That is why the government should support full sex education including abstinence, birth control options (all of them), and options a woman could take if there is an accidental pregnancy. It is especially imperative that people claiming pro-life will be there to support a mother and father after a child is born.

I also do not believe the government needs to have its hand in deciding who can have a medical procedure- regardless of if you support it or not, the choice needs to lie in the hands of the potential-mother. However, the government can play a beneficial role in bettering the lives of those with unwanted pregnancies, as I have already stated. The Declaration of Independence states “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” I do believe that unborn children have life and value. But we must extend that value throughout the child’s lifetime and the parents’ lifetimes. Making abortion illegal takes away these “unalienable rights.” Life, liberty, and happiness are not possible if the government forces the birth of an unwanted child into a situation that is neither equipped nor willing to provide these rights.

My last argument against voting solely on abortion is that even if abortion were made illegal, I believe it would still occur. Drugs are illegal and there are still addicts. Female genital mutilation (which, to be clear, is not something I would ever support) is illegal in many countries, yet the practice continues under the table. This makes the procedure even more dangerous, as those doing the operation are likely not licensed. I feel very strongly that abortion would continue the same way. Has this opinion been researched? Well, I don’t know. I’ll admit that I haven’t looked into studies on this theory and could be wrong. But something tells me I’m not.

Abortion should not be the focus. Prevention and life after birth should be the focus.

2. LGBT rights

I’ll keep this argument a little bit shorter, as it’s just going to be the same things I have always said.

You can disagree with someone’s choice, characteristic, personality trait, gender identity, attraction, lean, whatever word you want to use without taking away rights.

It is every American’s constitutional right to be equal. Period.

I don’t really care what bathroom anyone uses- just be clean and don’t try to kill me. I’d apply that equally to every gender identity on the spectrum.

If you are two men or two women wanting to adopt a child, please do. We should support adoption in every way, with the presumption that potential parents will be background checked and completely ready to care for a child to the best of their abilities.

Ideally, I would like marriage to be out of the government’s hands. If you are a church that does not want to perform a same-sex marriage, I think that’s your right. But as far as government-given rights, everyone should be given the opportunity to marry, or at least enter into a civil union. This is really about equal rights for me. The Bible also highlights equality among all men (and women).

If you think being gay is a sin, that is your right to believe that way. Freedom of religion is your constitutional right. But I have seen many a sinner be married, be parents, and be given full constitutional American rights.

In conclusion

If you feel strongly about abortion and gay rights, that is fine. If you are going to vote solely on those issues, I disagree with you, but whatever. At least be as informed as you can possibly be about them. And look into every candidate’s position on the issues. Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton. Gary Johnson. Jill Stein. We are more than Democrat and Republican in this country, whether we act on it or not. There is more to these single issues than just pro-life v. pro-choice and yes gay marriage v. no gay marriages. You need to be informed about every aspect of these issues. And this is my take on it.

5 thoughts on “The Single Issues

  1. Well said Summer, I believe you should never vote based on one single issue or based on a “party”. Your mother and I have spoke about this many times. It is 2016 we should be informed not necessarily by the media but do some research people. Thank you again Summer!


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