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Get on my level

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ve probably read one of my response blogs before. I like sarcasm. I think it’s a fun way to make a statement and usually it’s harmless. Response blogs are childish. I’ve tricked you with the title of this post. No one needs to get on my level. I’m not at some elevated, elite place in who I am as a person. I’m just a child, learning, growing, experiencing life.

But to some people that’s a bad thing. HERE is a very clear link to the article I will be responding to. That article that I’ve just linked is a response to an MTV video (which has now been removed by MTV), which was not clearly linked in its corresponding response article. If you’re going to argue against something, at least be very clear about it and do not send me to yet another article by your platform condemning the very thing your second separate article is condemning. Are you confused? Yeah me too. Anyway.

The MTV video was done poorly, in my opinion. Also this blog is partially an opinion. I’m not going to say my emotional response is the absolute truth. Sometimes I write things that are true and sometimes I write opinions and I will not mislead my audience and I will not encourage my readers to confuse the two. I write both.

So, yeah. Maybe that’s why the video got taken down. Because it was a bit smug. The tone you deliver a message in is imperative. It’s the key to whether your message will be received well or be received bitterly. If you know me, I guess you could say I am “liberal” on social issues, *though I believe labels are harmful and there are always gray areas to consider. I got what the video was saying, but if you are seriously going to get a message across, you have got to know and consider your audience. That’s basic journalism.

~Getting back to my original intent for this post~

Matt Walsh, I’ve read your stuff. I don’t think everything you say is wrong. But I think some of it is and you need to stop claiming it as absolute truth. I think your approach to issues you disagree with is immature and proud. You are not connecting with a diverse audience and you are using Christianity as a means of political division.

Christianity is not a means of political division.


You are seriously calling out a guy for wearing a cat shirt? So what? If you disagree with his ideas, fine, but his wardrobe choices? Give me a break.

Also feminism is not condescending. It is equal rights for men and women, thanks.

Also classrooms. What’s your problem with higher education? You act like mil  young people cannot have opinions or experiences because they are in school. Actually, you said that straight up. Also, entire world, can we stop with the millennial word because I have to google it to spell it and everyone is confused about what ages it includes and I’m just so sick of being categorized, okay?

My point is, sitting in classrooms is not a useless waste of time. Education is important and going to college and sitting in these classrooms can be beneficial in teaching students about the world outside of their immediate experience. A lot of college experiences happen outside the classroom as well. My college experience included watching my campus respond to tragedy, celebration, and everything in between. My college experience took me to cities outside of my comfort zone to speak to people from different backgrounds. I communicated the gospel in a different language.

Please step down off of your high “experienced” horse and meet me on my level (oh there’s the title). I am 22 and I graduated college this year. My parents still help me, but I’m living on my own and married. I’m not sure if I meet your standards of “doing anything with my life” yet, but I have opinions and knowledge and wisdom and I matter.

If you are upset with constantly being lumped into the “hey, all white men” group, I get it. Generalizations can be very hurtful, regardless of if there is truth behind it. Please reconsider your article with this in mind.

But, ya know, our country has a history with racism. The system has been racist. The system has been sexist. You cannot ignore that. It just happens that white men have, in general as a group, never experienced racism or sexism. Your individual experience may be different, but your collective experience has been one of power. You are the top of the American caste system.

Black lives matter. Matt Walsh, I SO agree with you that all lives matter. Most everyone except maybe ISIS would agree with that. My friend said it best… “Of course all lives matter. But we’re just focusing on the black ones right now.”

Please stop talking about America’s greatness. Everyone. Please stop. We aren’t great. We are lucky. That is all. The world is fallen and the world is sinful. None are great; only God.

Matt Walsh and everyone that quoted resolution number 3, please add that to your resolution list as well. We could all use a dose of humility and gratitude.

(Here is part of resolution number 3, in case you missed it.)

If you’re a progressive college-aged millennial, you have absolutely no standing to lecture anyone about anything. You haven’t done anything with your life. You haven’t accomplished anything. You haven’t sacrificed anything. You have no wisdom. You know very little, and far less than you think. Humble yourself and start listening for a change. And then maybe when you’ve worked a job, gotten married, had some kids, read some books that weren’t assigned to you by a college professor, had a few ups and downs, encountered life fully detached from the bosom of your parents and academia, then maybe your opinions will carry some weight. But, if you follow those steps, your opinions will also have changed drastically by then.

Please go talk to more than five college-aged millennials and ask them to share their stories. Do not ask them their political views, religious views, sexual orientation, or any of the typical stuff you may use to group them into categories. Ask them for their stories. Then please get back to me about life, accomplishments, sacrifice, wisdom, and listening for a change.

Listening does not stop with youth.

As for God being all powerful and humans not being able to accomplish what only God could do, sure. I agree with you, Matt Walsh. I do not agree with the condescending tone you took to share this message.

I don’t get the word mansplaining either. I am starting to become detached from new cool words and internet lingo now that I have graduated college. But language evolves. People used to say groovy. Now they say cool. Same idea. But, you must know, women do not have a problem with men speaking and sharing things. Women have a problem with men telling women how to feel about women’s issues that men have never experienced.

Matt Walsh, no one cares how you feel about Beyonce. If they do, I do not know why. God probably cares. He would probably tell you that Beyonce is a human and humans were made in the image of God and you are to love your neighbor as yourself or something like that whatever idk

Again with the cat shirts. Again with the condescending tone like you’ve given us young people more information than we can handle. I’ve typed over 1200 words in a very short amount of time. I can handle information. Young people are not stupid.

I’m a Christian, I am a millennial, I am a woman, I am a wife, I am a college graduate, I am a Southerner, I am a New Yorker, I am an employee, I am a voter. I am a lot of things. I am here to tell you that out of all my experiences and knowledge, regardless of who YOU are, the God I follow loves you. He will not speak down to you. He will meet you at your level.

He will not make a list of things for you to work on if you do not know Him. That would be asking too much.

I have been reading in Romans and 1 Corinthians lately and if there is anything I have taken from it, it is the following few sentences…

Judgment upon non-Christians is unfair. Judgement upon other Christians is completely fair. If you ARE a Christian, I am taking this moment to hold you to a higher standard. You should know the Bible. Wisdom does not come from age, wisdom comes from the Bible, the infallible and inspired Word of God. 

Shoot, I don’t even know how to wrap this up. If you want to come to my church and come into my life and follow my God wearing a cat shirt, you can.

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Summer I think it is interesting that this guy has clumped you all together and you haven’t experienced life. Maybe he is angry because he didn’t go to college and experience “the college life”. I didn’t go to college either, but there are many things you have gotten to experience and live that I am sure have made a lasting impression for your next part of life. Love to read and hear your remarks and glad you are experiencing such new and exciting things in your “new” married life! Have fun!


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