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One month down

We’ve officially been living in New York for one month. Here’s what you’ve missed!

  • Our very first day here one of my best friends happened to be in Long Island and met us in the city. She got to visit again a few weeks later.
  • My mom, aunt and two cousins visited one Saturday and that was also very exciting. Our train got stuck underground for an hour and half, but we made it out and that’s all that matters.
  • M and I found a church.
  • M and I celebrated our first married Christmas together with this new church.
  • I’m employed! I specialize in drip coffee and dishwashing. My work commute involves staring up at the Freedom Tower and it really is majestic every single time.
  • We eat a lot of chicken, asparagus, broccoli, rice and pasta. Budget, ya know? Thx Trader Joes for being only half a mile away and supplying most of our needs.
  • I’m searching for the best chicken and rice near me. So far, it is NOT the corner bodega. (lol)
  • I used to love shopping at Target and now I hate shopping at Target.
  • We experienced our first NYC snow. It was gone the next day, but it sure was pretty while it lasted… and before it melted into the sidewalk trash.
  • Last year on New Year’s Eve, M and I saw the new Star Wars and this year on New Year’s Eve, M and I saw the new Star Wars. We went to one of those theaters that serve food and there were 42 beers on tap. I had the stout. Then I had a milkshake. And popcorn. Shout out to the gift card that helped pay for this.
  • I made my first complaint to the nyc gov about the construction outside our apartment working past allowed hours 🙂 cannot disrupt Supernatural time
  • We have watched 6 seasons of Supernatural (perks of unemployment)
  • We celebrated 1 month of marriage. I like this so far.


Here’s what you can be praying for:

  • We are flying home next week. You may recall I hate planes.
  • M’s job search. I started job searching for New York… um… years ago when I decided I wanted to move here? But really, the fact I already found something was nothing but luck and only a tiny bit of planning. He just started the search when we got here. It’s competitive and hard, but I know if we are meant to be here, he will find something! Please send all encouragement and/or city connections.
  • That I will not become hardened to the homelessness I face every day on my work commute. It is incredibly easy to be narrow minded in the daily rush and turn away from injustice rather than face it and fight it. I want to face it and fight it.
  • Finally, I really miss working with children. I would love to find a way to connect with littles in the city through occasional babysitting gigs. So far my profile has done absolutely nothing for me, but perhaps a little prayer will do the trick?

p.s. If you connected with us on our wedding website, I hope you will remember the part where I said we still want you in our lives even if we are states (or oceans) away. Call, text, message, whatever! M and I would really like to hear from our friends and family, pray for you, have you stay with us.

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