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Two months down

Two months in New York already? Crazy. Here’s what you missed. (And here was month one if you missed it)

  • I’m still working. Still good.
  • A new amazing opportunity for me is happening! (details below)
  • Updates on M’s job hunt (also below)
  • I got to catch up with a friend from Boston a few weeks ago when she was in town for work and got to sit in a new coffee shop. I get free coffee at work, but I sure do love finding new coffee places.
  • I’ve seen New York react to political things over the past few weeks and it’s actually really amazing to see such large groups of people coming together for a common cause.
  • Trip home happened (also below)
  • I’m having fun cooking through Molly Yeh’s cookbook.
  • The weather has been incredibly mild for January, but we did get to see snow again. It’s pretty.
  • I was feeling so stir crazy from always being in the same two neighborhoods, so we ventured out for donuts in a different Brooklyn hood. It was quiet and peaceful and we got to see the sunset.
  • January kind of flew by and we are working on being more active in our city explorations in the next month.
  • Our sublease ends in two months, but we got the opportunity to extend it until June, so we are very happy with that.
  • We got Brooklyn Public Library cards.
  • I had a really good empanada and I felt like you needed to know that too.
  • I got to meet up with another friend that lives in the city and watch UNC play Wake Forest at a bar where lots of UNC alum go. Enjoyed that.
  • And I got to see ANOTHER friend (friends are good) and have coffee and food at Bluestone Lane and then I walked down the street to Washington Square Park and watched a show film some stuff.
  • I’ve been doing #yogarevolution with Yoga With Adriene on youtube and it’s very nice. I hope to join a gym this month because my job offers a monthly stipend for it!
  • We are still watching Supernatural, in case you care. I’ve watched Master of None in my alone time and now Rules of Engagement.
  • M and I are excited to study the Bible together with an email group from back home. It’s a year long study through the entire thing.
  • We got to meet more people from church by going to lunch with a huge group. It’s something they do once a month.

Okay that’s enough.


Remember our prayers requests from last time? Here are the updates and aforementioned bullet points explained.

  • TRIP HOME- Our trip home was so quick. M lost a family member the weekend we were home, but we feel fortunate he got to be with his family during that time. I was in Charlotte area all weekend with my dear friend’s wedding party. It was so good to be with friends and see the bride because she lives in Texas now and I hadn’t seen her in over 6 months. The wedding was very beautiful and I cried. Plane rides weren’t bad either. And I got to see Bella (and my parents and one set of grandparents and some cousins). I really missed my dog, guys.
  • JOB HUNT- M got a job, but neither of us believe it’s the right fit, for his interests or for our financial security.
  • ADDRESSING HOMELESSNESS- I am still struggling with actually interacting with the homeless in my daily commute, but I am going to explore volunteer opportunities with HFNY (Hope for New York). More on that later.
  • WORKING WITH KIDS- My friend from Boston connected me with some of her coworkers located in Brooklyn (they live decently close to me) and I now get to babysit for them! I’m so happy to have a great family to work with and great kids. We were answers to each others’ prayers, so this is just such a good thing.


This month’s prayer requests:

  • Clarity on what to do about M’s current job situation.
  • Financial things. We want to give generously to our church and other organizations we care about, but it’s not like we are making bank right now with me only working part time and M relying heavily on commission. We want to trust that God will provide for us and that has been really challenging so far.
  • Health. I recently started using a sleep tracker app and it’s very clear that I do not sleep soundly. Daily factors like caffeine, exercise and things like that don’t seem to make a difference. My nausea has also come back in the last week, along with what I think is a cold? Part of this is probably the cold-ish weather, but I know another part (probably the main part) is anxiety. I can’t pinpoint the cause, but it’s present.
  • M and I are going a little bit crazy wanting to play music. We are feeling discouraged being in such a great city for creativity and having no outlet for ours. (I did put an old clip on youtube if you wanna hear it…)
  • I expect February to be a lot colder and cloudier, so pray the weather will not leave us depressed or homesick.

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