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three months and done

Not actually done with new york. Just done blogging about it. Three months has been enough to get settled in, so if you still wanna stay updated, seriously just text, call, follow my ever-active instagram. 😉

Can’t believe we’ve been here for 3 months though. Here’s what you missed.

  • I am finally a real barista and can make actual drinks. This means more hours at work too. More money!
  • M got a new job. It’s part time, but it’s good for now.
  • We have even more friends from church which is cool.
  • I got color matched at a mac counter, so that’s adult, I guess.
  • Found a doctor that I really like.
  • Explored Hell’s Kitchen and decided to do a neighborhood blog series.
  • Spent our first married Valentine’s Day at our very favorite theater watching La La Land
  • We extended our sublease from april 1- june 1!
  • Babysitting is so great. Love these kids already.
  • We walked a yorkie at a shelter one warm weekend and then had kombucha and waffles from a nearby cafe.
  • February was a quick month, wasn’t it?


Prayer updates from last time:

  • M’s JOB- New job. He starts soon. This is good.
  • MONEY- More hours at work is very good. We are still trying to figure out a budget that is going to work for us while allowing us to pay rent, have fun, give to church and still save a little. Keep praying for that one.
  • HEALTH- I am taking another round of medicine that a gastroenterologist prescribed me last summer. This time I’m hoping to actually follow through with the diet that needs to happen afterwards to ensure symptoms don’t return. Also got some weird news at the doctor today, so keep that in mind. Not wanting to share just yet.
  • MUSIC- M’s cajon is happily sitting in our living room floor and one of my coworkers is gonna have M join in on a jam session with his band. Someone’s excited. I’ve been finding a little more time to write music lately too and a friend was kind enough to put some accompaniment behind it. Maybe I’ll get to actually show you v soon!
  • FEB- February wasn’t cold. It’s actually been warm and that makes me ill. I am a little homesick though, but not depressed. One of my best friends is visiting this month, another friend’s band is touring through and my parents are thinking about a visit. I can’t wait.

What you can be praying for in the future:

  • Where we’re gonna live past June
  • Financial peace
  • Healthy marriage
  • Lots of family and friend visits and calls
  • Work stays cool

Thanks for caring about our time here! xoxox

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