Let’s talk about why.

Hey. I find that it’s important to establish a purpose behind any action. Well, I started a new blog. Here’s why.

I have a blog already. It stuck with me through college and then I kind of stopped. I think it was exactly what I needed for the time. It started purposeless and turned into a simple reflection on the interaction between culture and faith. I loved learning through it. But I never wanted it to turn into a personal lifestyle blog. My posts were mostly serious and stayed on topic. At least I tried.

I’m not saying I’ve outgrown learning about faith and culture. Definitely not. But I guess I want to do a little more. I’m out of college, married and living in New York. I’m in a very different place now. Plus, my old domain of cats, caffeine and cake is only 1/3 true. Husband is allergic to cats and I am now allergic to cake. It’s a sad time.

So now, you can call me carter. It’s not legally my name, but close enough because changing your name is HARD, PEOPLE.

So here’s my purpose. I want a creative outlet. I want to write and share my pictures and my stories and my songs and my beliefs and my food and my outfits. Because sometimes I just want everyone to see that I finally bought a skirt and I LIKE IT.

I’ve been following a ton of lifestyle blogs lately and becoming incredibly envious of the life they’ve painted. If I’m being honest, that’s exactly the blog I want this to be. But if I’m staying grounded, that’s not at all what you’ll see here. I hope you’ll see me in every form, good and bad. If this ever becomes a place where you feel lesser or jealous or put down, it needs to shut down. So let me know if that ever happens. I just want to share my story and know that I’m not alone, and I want other people to have that opportunity too.

Welcome to my world, people. It’s full of constant complaining about not being able to eat sugar anymore, constant complaining that it’s hot outside, constant complaining that all my clothes are stained with coffee…. and also lots of gratitude for where I am and who I get to do life with. And, I’m gonna admit, it’s freaking cool that I get to live in New York City! Eep.

Let’s do this. (Also, the name’s Summer. You can call me that too.)

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