oh, health


Happy Sunday. Can’t wait to work a Sunday afternoon shift, she said sarcastically.

Ah, but it’s fine. It just means my Monday is actually a weekend, so finally FINALLY, I can be the happy one. It just really makes me ill when people say “oh boy it’s Friday, it’s the weekend” when my Friday is actually my midweek. I mean think about the others, man. This is off topic.

So one reason I wanted a blog was to share trial and error, then hopefully success of turning all of my favorite recipes into things I can actually eat.

A few years ago, my relationship with food changed drastically. I’ve always gotten SO much pleasure in cooking and eating, so when food started making me sick, it just sucked a whole lot.The last few years have really been trying to figure out what’s going on. Last summer I finally saw a specialist that could give me some answers. Turns out I have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, yum), which basically translate into being intolerant to sugar. From baked goods to syrups to fruit. I took antibiotics, but I still get really sick if I eat desserts or apples, or anything super sweet. Lately I’ve realized plain ol bread it also not gonna cut it, so I’m experimentally cutting out gluten/wheat products.

Unfortunately, I love bread. I love dessert. My old blog had cake in the name, as we already established. I don’t think I’ll ever support the “don’t try to make healthy versions of dessert because it’s still dessert” mindset. Nope, never.

I recently went to Erin McKenna’s Bakery in NYC because their recipes really cater to dietary needs. Downside? The desserts without white sugar just use agave as a sub… which I can’t eat.

Also really many packaged gluten free breads are made with potato starch… also can’t eat potatoes. (I KNOW, I’M SAD TOO)

So now we are here. We are on a budget (because all my money goes to rent). We are restricted by multiple common ingredients in basically all foods. But I’m from the South. And I want fried chicken and biscuits and my nan’s pound cake.

This should be fun.


recipe trial 1: banh mi

My husband bought me molly yeh’s cookbook for Christmas and inside was the perfect banh mi infographic. So the bread is actually a really important part of the traditional vietnamese banh mi sandwich, HOWEVER, we’ve just established that’s a no go for me. Though Matt got to enjoy good, almost traditional bread on his.

also i do promise my food photography will get better.

Here’s how to make it just like this. Assemble the following together:

  • trader joe’s gf hamburger bun (all they had because trader joes on a sunday)
  • sliced cucumbers
  • sliced jalepenos
  • slaw (recipe by molly yeh: 1 tsp salt, 1/4 C honey, 1/2 C white vinegar, 1 C shredded carrot, 1 C shredded daikon). I subbed cabbage for daikon because that’s what I had access to. It was fine.
  • pulled pork or shredded chicken (you don’t have to season it, but I used just a little bit of garlic. Just get it tender enough to shred. Also if you haven’t used a hand mixer to shred meats, it is really life changing)
  • cilantro
  • texas pete because I’m southern and sriracha has sugar in it so it’s out of the question
  • mayo, if your diet allows, but I just used butter lol (#butter4ever)

Here’s what I’m changing for next time:

  • the gluten free bread has sugar and potato starch or flour, so I’m just gonna pile the sandwich items on top of oven roasted broccoli
  • molly yeh also suggested using it for tacos, which I’m also on board with (shoutout to corn tortillas)


k byeeeee, enjoy

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