A little history so close to me

We live in Brooklyn off the Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway stop. The name itself is fun enough, but the tiles in the passageway have an “L” on them, just adding a little mystery. Seeing as there’s no L in either street name, I took to google. Little did I know, my subway stop that I take every single day (and take for granted, I may add) holds a ton of history.

For one, figured out the L is an old department store logo that used to be on the block. Second, the coolest parts: our station played the role of scary station (lol accurate) in the Wiz.  Eddie Murphy also hopped on a train at the station in Coming to America, so that’s neat. Scene in Crocodile Dundee 2 feature our stop AND the old train that I still take to work a whole lot (yes the very same train model from the 80s. Yes. It does suck, thank you for asking.) And Michael Jackson’s “Bad” music video was filmed there cooooooooool

There’s the shortened version, but if you have 18 entire minutes of life to spare, the long one gives you glimpses of the old graffitied subways, a fun (weird) little story line, and all the dancing. YOU AIN’T BAD.

I take the train where Michael danced, guys. ISN’T THAT COOL. And considering how long it takes to make any progress in the subways (looking at you, new york state government), I bet it’s the very same concrete he stood on. hehehe

I don’t know how much you care, but this is the equivalent of my car. If your car were the scene of many popular culture references, you’d probably be as excited as I am right now. I’m also aware that a lot of people already knew this, but new to me so. whateva


P.S. Matt (husband) and I felt inspired to watch Coming to America on Hulu last night and it expired a few hours after watching! Ah, what luck, am I right? 

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