life nyc


I can’t even look at a dinosaur without hearing “dinosaur!” exclaimed excitedly by a kid I used to have in my daycare class. Anyway.

Matt and I finallyyyy used our NYC ID cards to sign up for a free membership at one of the participating locations: The Museum of Natural History. Woohoo! Glad we have a membership now because it’s so big and we definitely missed a lot… and definitely didn’t read the information. But looking is cool too, right?

Museums are perfect for hot summer nyc days because heat sucks. My favorite part of the museum is the dinosaur stuff. Dinosaurs are so fun, people. Let me know if you’d like to monetarily contribute to the fund of “summer really wanted to buy several dinosaur-themed items from the museum store” !!

If you live in NYC, get this ID card (for free) and sign up for this stuff. Free cultural experiences for an entire year. Neato.

I cheated just a little and ate some sugar after the museum. I had forgotten to eat lunch (yeah idk how) and sugar was low, so we stopped at By the Way Bakery, which boasts everything gluten and dairy free! I got the ginger molasses cookie, which wasn’t *too* sweet. Perfect for the sugar intolerant with a big sweet tooth.

Here are some pics of our day.

that cliche whale


upset i blocked the dinosaur with the tickets. hindsight 20/20


this light was really great looking for eyes, not for camera


take care of the earth, people!


this dino’s smile had me TICKLED




view from the museum


bench outside the museum. he’s cute




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