my health story: listen to your body

The time had to come eventually.

My nan told me this years ago. The time had to come eventually. That thinking I could eat whatever I want with no consequence would eventually come with consequence.

You guys. The time is now. I never had a healthy lifestyle. We are a meat and potatoes family, and because school lunch was so bad, I ate a chicken(fried) sandwich every single day. No vegetables. Meat and bread. Didn’t really eat breakfast. That was high school.

That was high school when I had to start sitting out of volleyball practice because my intestines literally ached. The nurse told me to eat more fruits and vegetables, but the problem was a little too far gone by that point and it probably caused all the issues I have today, but I’m not a scientist and that’s another blog post for another day.

College. I started eating healthier in college only because I had more food options in a bigger city. And I started grocery shopping on my own.

I should say I started eating healthier after freshman year. I recall a special halloween toast I made with my roommate that involved cookie butter or flavored peanut butter, candy corn, nutella, chocolate sprinkles and marshmallow fluff. Ugh. Freshman 15 is REAL AND DON’T LET PEOPLE STEER YOU OTHERWISE, OKAY.

But then I started getting nausea after every meal. And then it started getting worse. And then I just started waking up with nausea. It was all the time. All the time. I got dizzy and tired and had trouble taking deep breaths after eating certain foods. I didn’t think all the stuff going on was related at the time and doctors attributed most of it to anxiety.

So the anxiety went away after I graduated. (because college was hard and mental health needs to be taken more seriously, but another blog again)

But, stomach stuff still going on! woohoo. Back to the drawing board.

As I mentioned in my first health post, I finally visited a gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with sibo. Took the meds, helped, didn’t change my diet. All symptoms came right back. Took meds again and this time nothing changed.

It was time for me to change.

I thought I ate healthy and I do yoga and occasionally go on runs. But I didn’t realize just how much bread was in my diet and how much sugar I was still constantly eating. I’m at the point where feeling terrible is just not worth it. I know that sounds stupid to say. But feeling tired was really normal in college and I could go to class and listen to a lecture with a little bit of brain fog. After all, I could just look at my notes later or ask a classmate.

Now I work. I have a job that requires me to stand for the entire shift and interact with people. I don’t have the energy to keep feeling awful. That’s kind of why this blog is here. Kind of.

I’ve tried diets like whole 30 before and failed because I had no support system. It wasn’t until some friends and I decided to do “health month” that I actually stuck to eliminating something, at least longer than I have in the past. This blog is my new support system.

I’ve eliminated bread from my diet completely. Even some gluten free bread products contain stuff I can’t have, like potato starch. And because of sibo, I have trouble digesting grains in general, so even rice is iffy. I haven’t tried it recently, so we’ll experiment with that soon.

But listen to your body. my body has been telling me for years that bread is an issue for me. I wasn’t listening. I still don’t know exactly why. It could be gluten, wheat, sugar, whatever they put in bread. I’ve spent years saying the taste, the enjoyment I get from eating was worth the pain and fatigue and head fog and stuff. It’s not anymore. I can’t even enjoy food because I dread the aftermath so much. I stress ate a donut a few days ago and regretted it immediately. Crazy acid reflux and my head was spinning… and I had to finish a shift at work by myself. Ask me how much I accomplished that night.

It’s not worth it anymore. I’ve never been one to restrict myself because it made me unhappy. I’m still trying out gluten free desserts and stuff because I really love dessert, obviously, but even that may change soon.

I’m finally listening to my body. And I just wanted you to know.

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