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If you go back through my archives, you may have noticed I stopped writing for a while. I mean quite the hiatus. And my writing changed. I used to write about… serious things, I guess. Now you’re seeing recipes. Sometimes.

There’s a lot going on and I feel guilty when I’m silent. And I think that’s the correct emotional response.

I stopped writing because writing about the hard things and facing evil because too hard to bear. It’s too hard. It’s so hard.

I really don’t even know what to write anymore. I feel like there’s only so much I can really say. So I tuned it out.

It’s easy to stop feeling anxious when you stop facing things head on, with courage.

It is MUCH easier to tell you about the fun foods I ate yesterday. Much easier than letting my mind explore the roots of evil and face that all is not right with the world.

I live in New York City and I really feel like I see the messed up stuff everyday. It’s overwhelming sometimes, when you really notice. And it’s easy to stop noticing. We don’t have cable anymore and I no longer log into Facebook and tuning out the news has also been really easy. If I don’t know it’s happening, I can’t be held responsible. I’m admitting to feeling this way a LOT and I think a lot of you would agree.

There’s only so much ignoring you can do. It’s not the right thing to do. Difficult things are meant to be faced. It’s just that simple.

I think that taking the time to sort out your own demons and mental health is a good thing, but avoiding the triggers and the bad things altogether is not solving the problem; it’s only covering it up. Like a bandaid on a bullet wound. I feel like I plagiarized that from somewhere so sorry

I’m sorry for being silent for so long. I’m sorry for not being brave. Standing up for what is right and good is terribly difficult, but it is also terribly necessary. So let’s face the world together. Let’s allow each other time to back up, but let’s also encourage each other to keep fighting for justice always. Always.

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