A weekend in nyc: grandparent edition

Has anyone else noticed that my family only visits me a few days at a time? Can someone let them know I’d happily host them for at least a week or two???

My mom, mom’s friend, and my grandparents visited me this weekend!! My nan hasn’t been since the 50s or 60s, she said. My grandpa is 80 and has never been to this city. Crazy, right?

Well, tbh, it’s because he didn’t care anything about coming. He still didn’t really like it, but he likes me so he’s fine.

Here’s my itinerary for how to entertain your grandparents who don’t enjoy cities and your mom and friend who have been to the city several times and don’t care about being tourists anymore.

Step 1: Download lyft or uber or some kind of car app.

Subways aren’t accessible in this city. It’s a major problem and it makes me angry, but for now, we live with it. There were several places we went to during their visit that I would normally walk to (places a stop away, or a mile away, for example). Instead of wasting $2.75 each on a one-stop subway ride, we used lyft. You can request a car that seats up to 6 and for traveling just a mile, the rides were cheaper than the train! Just don’t forget to tip. Everyone. 😉

Step 2: Do buy a metrocard, but just put a little money on it at a time. 

Husband and I already have cards, but we bought one and put $20 on it for the other four in our group to share. If we needed another ride, we just added $10 at a time. We had leftover money still.

Okay onto the stuff… 

Start off with coffee and breakfast at your lowkey Brooklyn coffee shop that also has gluten free pastry options for you (me). Tip your barista! lol please

Take a car (because the weekend trains are running where you need them) to the Staten Island Ferry because, as always, it’s free. Return to Manhattan. Walk quickly up Broadway (pass the Charging Bull and the Fearless Girl) and step into Eataly for lunch. Lots of options for everyone! Not so much for our gluten free friends (me), but mozzarella + prosciutto and scraping the toppings off your nan’s leftover pizza is just fine, okay. Cross contamination, much lol

I write lol in my posts, deal with it

After Eataly, step down/sideways/whatever into the Oculus and then outside to the 9/11 Memorial. Know that your grandparents are tired and don’t like Manhattan and get more coffee! Good options all around the Fulton subway station.

Go back to your apartment (or hotel if you’re visiting) and rest!

While my grandparents took a short rest at my place, I took my mom, husband, & mom’s friend J to Green-Wood Cemetery. It’s in Brooklyn. It’s huge. It’s wonderful. Don’t knock it til you try it. It’s a cemetery and it’s beautiful and the views from the hilltops are spectacular. If you enter from 5th ave/25th street area, you can grab a treat at Baked in Brooklyn first. We set out to find some famous people buried there, but it’s SO big, we only saw a few. Walking around in the cloudy, breezy weather was so peaceful. And again. The views. Wow. Just make sure you pay attention to when they close.

Because we are southern, we had dinner at Dinosaur BBQ in Brooklyn. It received the stamp of approval from my fellow southern visitors. If you aren’t full, you can walk down the street to Ample Hills Creamery afterwards.

We considered going to Chelsea Market, which is nice to browse, but everyone was very tired, so we went straight to Macy’s in Herald Square. My grandma wanted to see it (my grandpa very much didn’t) and it was near their hotel.

So that’s it. That’s what we did and having part of my family here was so so good. If you live in the city or visit the city or just want to, let me know the stuff on your list! I’d love to explore it too.

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