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What do you say to taking stances?

This isn’t so much a substantial, thought out post as a brain ramble full of as many questions as answers.

There was this thing recently that a friend posted about… I hadn’t heard of it. But it’s called the Nashville Statement.

My friend was troubled by this statement, labeling it as divisive and wondering why a statement was necessary in the first place. (Side note: I haven’t read this statement in entirety yet, so I’m not prepared to write an entire response post. Maybe soon.)

So then it got me thinking.

I’ve debated for a while in my head, so now I bring it to you. I want to know the pros and cons of making a mission statement as a church or religious group.

Here’s what I have decided.

Pro: It helps people know what they’re getting into.

Con: It makes a homogenous group of people who agree on most things.

Pro: It sets rules and guidelines, easy to follow.

Con: Rules can lead to guilt and exile.

Pro: It separates church belief from secular belief (?)

Con: It separates church from secular.

I guess my thing is, from a christian perspective, the bible is all the mission statement a church or christian religious organization/group really needs? It’s helpful to have resources that dig into it further, but… Putting our spin (political) on biblical issues can be dangerous and cause divides both within the church and between church and outside world.

Because isn’t the point to invite the outside world in? Show them the good stuff. Even the hard stuff that can be good stuff. That the people of the church screw up too and it’s not a large group of perfect, judgmental people. I don’t know.

I’d like to know what other people think. Lemme know.

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