Vitamin test #1 and done

So as you may remember, I did a month trial (w/ my coupon code holla) of Ritual vitamins.

I really had no point except that I normally don’t feel good physically or mentally and I want to. Here’s how it went and my next steps!

So my first full week can hardly be considered in terms of effects. The dry skin I was dealing with? Well it got covered in mosquito bites. My energy levels were super low before I started, but I also changed my diet. That’s been an adjustment.

Side note, I can tell I’m starting to want bread less now that I’ve stopped eating it! It actually makes me feel awful to eat bread or sugar period, even in small amounts. Soon I imagine I’ll stop giving into the cravings altogether.

Anyway. I like these vitamins. I don’t know if the D and B12 doses were enough for me; I would have to do a blood test to check and I won’t be doing that lol.

Though I’m still very dependent on caffeine, I have noticed I’ve had some solid energy days and my face hasn’t been breaking out as much. Mostly, if you enjoy taking a multivitamin, you should totally try these.

They are super easy to take and taste like peppermint, which is my favorite part. I love that it’s a subscription that comes straight to your door. $30 a month is kind of a lot for my budget at this moment, but maybe I’ll come back in the future.

For now, a new test.

This one keeps popping up on my instagram. It’s called Care/Of and I’m not sure if it’ll still work, but I used HELLO50 for 50% off my first purchase! You can personalize this one and, based on questions you answer, the website will build your personalized pack for you. Here’s what mine looked like:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 9.24.50 PM

As you can see, I made some of the most expensive choices. I mean, discount code, right? My quiz results gave me the first four as options and I added the B12 and D myself. I’m really excited to get this in the mail. Because even if I end up doing without the other stuff, getting the probiotic, B12 and D for $18 a month and delivered to my door is going to be way cheaper than buying from target anyway.

So there. There’s where we are in the world of multivitamins. If you made it this far, glad we could talk about this very uninteresting part of my life.

I just am really into health and nutrition and supplements and all that stuff right now. The body is really cool. Science is really cool. The bond of both modern and ancient medicines is really cool.

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