care/of review

A short post about my first impressions of care/of, after my experience with the other supplement.

So they switched warehouses or something like that and shipments are delayed. But customer service response was 10/10 when I asked about it.

The pros are I know exactly what each supplement is supposed to do for me. I can modify my “pack” and delay my shipment if I need to. So far, I feel like the supplements are actually making a difference in my overall energy.

The cons are taste, waste produced from packaging, and pills are individual. And I’m actually having trouble finding the “unsubscribe” button for my account. Each day is packaged on its own, so there’s a plasticky paper to toss every single morning. And, unlike the last supplement brand I tried, each one is individual instead of all wrapped up into one multi. I don’t love taking 6 pills every morning. I really don’t.

I’ll probably order again for my probiotic, B & D, but I’m gonna keep looking for an alternative. I just can’t deal with the package waste, though it is cute. Anybody have cheap and effective supplement recommendations? Would love to hear.




2 thoughts on “care/of review

  1. I’m doing it too and it’s cool but one of my pills tastes like..??? something weird! but also eff dat waste. and also also i ❤ convenience and will likely do it again lol


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