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A Saturday with friends in Brooklyn

Okay mostly in Brooklyn.

Once again, welcome to a weekend edition of stuff to do in New York! I worked during my friends’ trip, but I had a Saturday off. Here’s what we did all day!

I’m not gonna lie- we had some difficulties in our initial plans, so some of this stuff was “second choice,” but it was actually a really great day.

Start with coffee, as always! Absolute Coffee is my neighborhood place.


Then we had brunch at Pazza Notte. I forgot to take pictures, but I totally recommend it! I think it was $18 each for a brunch plate and a cocktail. Blood orange mimosa and french toast and eggs benedict was yes.

From there we went to MoMA, where I took so many pictures, cried at a Picasso, and raved all day/week/still raving about Louise Bourgeois. Louise! They also had a fashion exhibit and no one understood my joke about the red hooded sweatshirt I saw. No one knows snl adam sandler songs??? I digress. Here are the pics from that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back to Brooklyn! Hence title of post. So we initially tried to have ramen at Chuko. We were so close. We decided to pregame with ice cream at Ample Hills and do a random wine tasting on the same street.

Then Chuko called and told us a machine (?) broke and they couldn’t take anymore customers. We were disappointed, but luckily there’s ramen in lots of places. We ended up at Ganso Ramen. This was my first ramen (gasp), so I can’t really rate it, but, it worked?


Finally, after a bar experience I will not discuss, we ended up at my favorite neighborhood bar, where we shared fried pickles and had rosemary cocktails. Good.

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