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So you’ve got a puppy for a day

Recently, a friend needed a dogsitter for seven-ish hours. Luckily, we had an unseasonably warm and sunny day in Brooklyn! So, let’s pretend you aren’t a jerk that pretends your dog is a service dog in order to take your little friend into certain establishments. Here’s where you can go.

This isn’t actually going to be that helpful… Mostly just want to show you how cute Nova is !!

We picked Nova up at her human dad’s workplace, which involves a cafe, so you can’t actually hang with your dog in there. But we sat with her on the patio because we needed coffee.



Okay, so Nova was getting a little sad her human was right inside, so we went for a walk. We walked down Smith Street in Brooklyn, all the way down Union Street until we stopped for a rest at Dinosaur BBQ. They have outdoor tables and were kind enough to bring a little doggy water bowl.


Nova was sad she couldn’t eat our people food, so we stopped at a dog store and bought her some ~healthy~ nibbles. It took all of our strength not to send her home complete with doggy sunglasses and a Halloween costume.


So anyway. We continued our walk to Prospect Park. She couldn’t be off leash at the time, but we took turns running around with her and giving her treats.


We continued walking from Grand Army Plaza up to Lincoln Station, a coffee fave of mine. Again, outdoor seats!

Then we walked up to Dean Street to get pie at Four and Twenty Blackbirds. If you are into your dog having whipped cream, they have it. Nova wasn’t so lucky, but she still had treats because we bought a ton lol.

At this point, we took this pup on a seven mile walking journey into multiple Brooklyn neighborhoods. She was exhausted and so were we. So… maybe we brought her into our home and maybe we didn’t.


Fell asleep immediately. What a cutie what a cutie what a cutie

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