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I need to get back into writing. Waiting for inspiration to strike, as a true artist does lol, isn’t working for me. I have always described my blog as writing about Jesus and culture. While that’s true and that’s what I like to write the most, I always take my time with those posts. I don’t write on a whim and I don’t usually write with emotion in fear of getting the facts or theology wrong. So.

I don’t write as often as I should. And that causes my writing and my attention span to suffer. And grammar. My mind is really tired right now.

My whole point is, I hope you’re okay getting post notifications like this one. Or maybe I’ll write about a random cup of coffee I had today or something. When we first moved to New York City, I was writing a post every month with updates. One, two, three. I think I’ll try to do that again. Starting in March!

For now, I’ll leave you with these little tidbits of information.

I’m not a barista anymore! Always a barista at heart and hoping to splurge one day on a really nice home espresso machine. For now, I’m a full-time babysitter/nanny. To be honest, I don’t know the difference between a babysitter and a nanny. Today the baby, who everyone on the sidewalk thinks is mine, enjoyed a nice stroll around Brooklyn in the random weather of 65 degrees. I got really hot. Do I hate winter as much as I think I do? I don’t really know.

Last night some friends were in town from North Carolina and we had Korean BBQ and I haven’t had steak in so long and it was really good to have steak.

I’m already under-caffeinated since leaving the cafe, but I’m excited to get back to my true love of spending my money at new coffee shops.

k bye

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