Pizza tots

Bread makes me sick, but sometimes I need pizza and I don’t feel like making gluten free crust myself. Potatoes really aren’t much better. Just a little better. That’s a good enough reason to make pizza tots. It doesn’t require a recipe tbh, but I wanted to tell you this is something you should try immediately.

Pizza tots

Serves 4

-One bag of tots

-One small jar of pizza sauce

-A cup of shredded cheese

-A package of pepperoni

Bake tots halfway, according to instructions. Add toppings and finish.there we go.

For a lil gourmet touch, I also added pancetta and fresh basil. I imagine olives, caramelized onions and sausage would also be dreamy.

Was this even worth a post? Idk!! I’m trying to write more. I hope I have something important to say soon. Stay tuned in a few months when I will definitely be posting my biggest adventure yet… 🙂

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